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Taking it back from the Liberals

If you are fed up with how the liberals have hijacked the Democrat party, then this is the place for you. To be upfront and very honest, this site is not affiliated with the Democratic Party (DNC) in any way. There are 2 very good reasons for that.
1. The current leadership in the Democrat party have become so enamored with spin, that is impossible for them to be upfront and honest about anything.
2. The degeneracy of the liberals who have usurped the leadership of the Democrat party would not allow any kind of decent moral debate to take place within the party.
The Democrat party is no longer the party of Roosevelt, Truman, and Kennedy. From the time President Lyndon Johnson left office, the Democrat party has been on an out of control downward spiral. It is well past time for honest decent people to stand up and take back the party from the liberals of moral turpitude.

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Senator Zell Miller is an example of the people with integrity who are leaving the Democrat party because of the disreputable actons of the liberal wing. By reading Zell Millers speech, at the 2004 Republican National Convention, you will see the need to kick the hard left liberals out of the Democrat party now, so the party can become great once again.
You can read Senator Zell Millers speech    HERE.